Fee-Based Option

Fee-based asset management is an arrangement between you and your financial advisor whereby your account is charged an annual advisory fee rather than a commission each time you buy and sell.

Minimum portfolio size for our fee based option is normally $250,000 of investable assets.

Your financial advisor's fee is not based on the number of transactions in your account; instead, the fee is a percentage based on your assets under management.

Today, many investors are choosing the fee-based option. Some will prefer a commission-based relationship where there isn't a minimum portfolio size. What's important is that you have a choice. A fee-based relationship offers you several important advantages:

First, we believe fee-based asset management puts both you and your financial advisor on the same side of the table.

Second, fee-based asset management allows you to consolidate assets under one program.

Third, activity in your account occurs to strive to maintain portfolio consistency.

Fourth, all forms of compensation are fully disclosed and agreed upon between you and your financial advisor.

We can use this program to help you establish an understanding of your personal relative risk tolerance through completion of an Ibbotson Risk Tolerance Questionnaire. From this data, we can position your investments so that you accept a comfortable amount of risk and ensure that you select investments which are the most suitable to your personal risk tolerance while at the same time leverage the advantage of diversification to help lower the volatility of your portfolio.

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